T-shirt sport HW blue

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Tired of sweating during your parachute jumps? Discover the extreme comfort of our T-shirt! Crafted with breathable and lightweight fabric, this T-shirt keeps you cool even on the hottest days. Moisture-wicking technology swiftly removes sweat, while anti-chafing flat seams ensure unmatched comfort during the jump.

Take your passions to another level with Volá.

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• Breathable and lightweight fabric for a cool sensation.

• Moisture-wicking technology that swiftly eliminates sweat.

• Anti-chafing flat seams for enhanced comfort.

• Full range of motion.

• Aerodynamic design that reduces wind resistance.

• Crafted with high-quality materials for increased durability.

• Reinforced seams to withstand wear and tear.

• Designed and manufactured by skydiving experts.

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