Tunnel Suit Azul

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Are you looking for a true tunnel skydiving suit? Volá brings you the tunnel suit with amazing elastic and durable fabric. It also adapts to your silhouette because its fabrics are special, flexible, and elastic, incredible! Almost like wearing a second skin. And that’s not all, Volá pays attention to every detail because our tunnel suit features a leg pocket so you can always have the essentials at hand, extra breathable perforations to keep you feeling fresh, and a butt patch for increased durability and protection of your garment. You can also choose it in your favorite color, so you can bring your essence and style to the sky.

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The material used to make this suit allows it to fit your silhouette like a second skin. It is tailored to fit snugly around the upper body and thighs, with protection on elbows and knees.

The Volá Tunnel Suit features:

  • Elasticity and durability
  • Cool, simple, and sturdy design
  • Lycra-inserted cuffs
  • Neck closure slider
  • Zipper protection
  • Anti-slip protection
  • Leg pocket
  • Butt patch
  • Extra breathable perforations

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